Enhancing water related research and education throughout Illinois

Call for Proposals

IWRC promotes several research grants for Water Research throughout the year. More information on these grants can be found here:

COVID-19's Impact on Illinois' Water Resources

IWRC is committed to helping educate the public on all issues facing Illinois’ water resources, even the Corona virus. 

Read what the CDC says on water and COVID-19 here

What we do

As a part of the Prairie Research Institute, the Illinois Water Resources Center works with scientists, water professionals, and communities to address the state’s water resource challenges.

The Illinois Water Resources Center is one of 54 federally-funded water research institutes in the United States.

Success Stories

Congratulations on receiving the UCOWR Early Career Award for Applied Research for 2019.
Dr. Ashlynn S. Stillwell
Assistant Professor
Congratulations on receiving First Place recipient of the UCOWR 2019 Ph.D. Dissertation Award for Water Policy and Socio-Economics.
Dr. Christopher M. Chini
Research Scholar


Using bioavailability to assess pyrethroid insecticide toxicity in urban sediments

Dr. Michael Lydy

Water Resources for Students

The Illinois Water Resources Center is dedicated to furthering education and research in Illinois, additional resources for all ages can be found here: