The Algal Bloom Action Team, a collaboration of water professionals, researchers, and educators from 12 states in the North Central Region of the United States, invites you to submit an abstract to the second Annual Harmful Algal Bloom Virtual Symposium. The symposium will feature emergent harmful algal bloom (HAB) research and provide a venue for moderated discussions regarding HAB research, outreach, and how information dissemination can be improved.

Team members include the national network of Water Resources Research Institutes (WRRI), the North Central Region Water Network and university Extensions within each state in the North Central Region. The Algal Bloom Action Team was a recipient of the Outstanding Regional Collaboration Achievement Award from the Association of Natural Resource ExtensionProfessionals for its first Annual Harmful Algal Blooms Symposium in 2021. Conference attendance for 2021 included over 800 professionals across the United States.

More information about the Algal Bloom Action Team can be found here.

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