Illinois Water Resources Center Annual Research Grants – 2022 Call for Proposals

Letter of Intent Due to IWRC
Monday, September 20, 2021 – 5pm CDT

Full Proposal Due to IWRC
Monday, October 18, 2021 – 5pm CDT

The Illinois Water Resources Center (IWRC) requests proposals to fund exploratory research
or educational projects that enhance water sciences research and higher education
throughout Illinois. While we are interested in all water resources issues that impact Illinois,
our 2022 priority topics are agriculture, climate, ecosystem structure and function,
water-energy nexus, health science (no human subjects research), urban resilience, and
water equity. We are particularly interested in supporting projects that will help grow the
body of research in Illinois, including proof-of-concept projects that may help researchers
attract larger grants. Proposals continuing the work of previous IWRC Annual Research Grants
will not be accepted. This is an open call contingent on funding availability.

About IWRC

IWRC is one of 54 programs funded by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) under the Water
Resources Research Act of 1964 to promote and support the restoration, conservation, and
best management of water resources in the United States and U.S. territories. State and
territory programs are administered by the National Institutes for Water Resources, whose
mission includes:
• Promoting collaboration between USGS and researchers related to the most pressing
water resource research needs across the country
• Disseminating research findings and other water resource information to the public
• Supporting young scientists who seek careers in water resources

Funding Eligibility and Requirements

The advancement of full proposals to review is contingent upon the submission of a Letter of
Intent by the designated deadline. Proposals must be submitted by faculty members or
professionals affiliated with four-year institutions. Students can be listed as co-PIs. Funds
must be used to support a student’s project, not a student worker on a PI’s project. PIs will be
required to provide documentation of committed matching funds. The U.S. Geological Survey
requires a 2:1 nonfederal to federal funds match. The PIs’ salaries may, and is often, used
for the match as long as they are not federal employees. The sponsor will not pay indirect
costs; researchers are encouraged to use forfeited indirect costs as a portion of the required

View the full Call for Proposals here.

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