(PAST) Webinar: Getting to the Heart of Science Communication with Dr. Faith Kearns

California Institute for Water Resources
University of California , Division of Agriculture and Natural Resource
WEBINAR — Free and open to the public.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 12 pm C.T.
Join by:
• Contacting egroninger@siu.edu for link in email

Many science communication practitioners find themselves working on issues that are emotional,
contentious, and sometimes traumatic. The traditional science communication tools of perfecting a
presentation, message, or frame fall short in the face of these kinds of challenges. This talk will
focus on a different way of approaching science communication with tools that including relating,
listening, working with conflict, and understanding trauma, all with an eye toward justice and
community care

Kearns is a scientist and science communication practitioner with over 25 years experience working
on water, wildfire, and climate change in Washington D.C. and the western U.S. Her work has been
published in New Republic, On Being, Bay Nature, and more. Her book, Getting to the Heart of
Science: A Guide to Effective Engagement (Island Press, 2021) is available anywhere books are sold.

“Dr. Kearns has given us much-needed tools for sharing science with empathy,
engagement, and the full humanity that our audiences deserve. A brave and
brilliant guide to the shifting terrain of science communication.”
Cynthia Barnett, University of Florida Environmental Journalist in Residence and
author of Mirage, Blue Revolution: Unmaking America’s Water Crisis, and The
Sound of the Sea. Read more about Kearns and her book here.

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