Algal Bloom Action Team

The team, dubbed the Algal Bloom Action Team, is an Extension-driven effort taking the results from research, including WRRI sponsored research, and transforming it into accessible information and tangible tools for the public through extension and outreach in concert with state-based harmful algal bloom prevention, monitoring, and response efforts.

-North Central Region Water Network

Article Boost: "North Central Region tackles harmful algal blooms"

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SDSU wrote about ABAT! Follow the link to read the article.

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Human Illness Report Form

Reporting human illness related to HABs?

Illinois DPH Resources

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Animal Illness Report Form

Reporting animal illness related to HABs?

U.S. EPA State HABs Resources

Need cyanobacteria/toxin resources?

The U.S. EPA has created a list of resources available!

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