February 1, 2016

The Illinois Water Resource Center invites you to submit a proposal for sessions at the 2016 Illinois Water Conference, held October 25-27 at the Illini Union on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. To submit, complete the online form by Monday, February 15. You will be notified of status of your proposal by Feb. 26.

Session proposals should identify a coherent topic that can be addressed by 2-4 papers. Example themes include:

  • Best management practices
  • Climate change
  • Decision-making tools
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Green infrastructure
  • Groundwater
  • Human impacts
  • Invasive species
  • Nutrients
  • Science communication
  • Storm water and flooding
  • Technologies
  • Water and energy
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Water resources education
  • Water supply sustainability
  • Watershed planning

Session Format
Sessions will be scheduled concurrently in 60-minute periods. Each sessions will include 2-4 presentations with time for questions and discussions after each presentation.

Session Chair Responsibilities
A wider call for papers and student posters will be announced following this session proposal phase. As a session chair, we anticipate you will reach out to your colleagues and encourage them to submit papers to your session. We will work with you to finalize your session roster.

For more information on the Illinois Water Conference, visit

Illinois Water 2016 call for sessions