Upcoming Algal Bloom Action Team Webinar

Algal Bloom Action Team Webinar Series

The Algal Bloom Action Team is hosting a webinar series as an extension to our annual virtual research symposium. Webinar’s will be held bimonthly. Presentations will last approximately 40 minutes with time for discussion at the conclusion of the session. This event is hosted by the North Central Region Water Network and recordings can be found by visiting our YouTube channel.

Upcoming Webinar: A Look at the Mysteries and Secrets of Harmful Algal Blooms

Tune into the first Algal Bloom Action Team Webinar of the year! This webinar will feature two presentations – Jen Wisecaver, Associate Professor at Purdue University, who will discuss extreme diversity and cryptic species in Prymnesium parvum and Barry Rosen, Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, who will discuss the secrets of freshwater cyanobacteria blooms.

Featured Speakers:

  • Barry Rosen, World-Class Scholar and Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Jen Wisecaver, Associate Professor, Purdue University


You can also view the recordings of our past webinars on our YouTube page.