Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity in a Watershed Using Multi-source Data via Co-Kriging

Ghadiri, Maryam, Tseng, Chien-Yung, Larson, Timothy, H., Kumar, Praveen, Meidani, Hadi Abstract Enhanced water management systems depend on accurate estimation of hydraulic properties of subsurface formations. This is while hydraulic conductivity of geologic formations could vary significantly. Herein, we studied an intensively managed area located in the Upper Sangamon Watershed in Central Illinois, U.S.A., and generated 2D maps of hydraulic conductivity over a large-scale region with quantified uncertainties in different depth layers. In doing so, we made use of low cost, small-scale measurements obtained from the Electrical Earth Resistivity together with more accurate, more expensive pumping tests in a calibration

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Probabilistic Modeling and Reliability-based Design Optimization of a Ground Source Heat Pump System

Zilong Zhao, Yanwen Xu, Yu-Feng Lin, Xinlei Wang, Pingfeng Wang Highlights Addressed reliability problem of a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system.• Probabilistic Uncertainty Indexes were integrated into design and random variables.• Constraint functions were determined to ensure the GSHP system performance.• Uncertainties’ effects were summarized through comprehensive case studies. Abstract: The optimization design of a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system can be crucial in improving its performance and economic competitiveness. The effect of probabilistic uncertainties of design variables in a GSHP system was analyzed using reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) method. An analytical borehole heat transfer model was selected as

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