Identifying Wetland Inundation Extent and Patterns in Illinois

Approximately 90 sites (~25 ha each) were sampled in 2015, and another 110 were sampled in 2016. Our recently completed spring 2017 samples covered 110 sites, and a similar number will be expected for repeat surveys in spring and autumn of this year. We are continuing to digitize the survey data into a GIS for analysis once field survey is completed. The first 50 free images have been downloaded from JAXA, spanning multiple seasons and years from 2014- 2016. We will acquire additional images for that period and will also obtain images for 2017 with our remaining allotment of 100 images. The multi-season, multi-year dataset will allow analyses of patterns of wetland inundation in Illinois during that period.

  • PI: Michael W Eichholz
  • PI Institution: Southern Illinois University
  • March 1, 2016 – February 28, 2018