July 6 – Geothermal Illinois: Community and District Systems (Renewable Heating and Cooling)

Wednesday, July 6 at 10 AM CT 

Presented by: Brian Urlaub, Associate Vice President & Director of Geothermal Operations, SALAS O’BRIEN

Geothermal energy systems allow community- and district-scale energy plants and facilities, multi-building developments, and campuses to attain higher energy efficiencies, better energy cost savings, and lower carbon emissions. Join us for a community/district geothermal presentation that will focus on key elements of designing and constructing interconnected ambient geothermal energy systems for a range of applications. Key drivers that affect their design and implementation will be discussed, as well as different options that help make these geothermal systems more flexible, resilient, efficient, and cost effective.

The webinar will cover aspects and features of geothermal energy systems, and how to use city right of ways for installing geothermal infrastructure. This learning opportunity is ideal for professionals working in state, county and city governments, sustainable development, infrastructure planning managers, utilities, clean energy workforce, and community development. After the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to ask about specifications and guidance in getting their projects started.


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